Recipe: Delicious Butterscotch Bundt Cake

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Butterscotch Bundt Cake.

Butterscotch Bundt Cake You can cook Butterscotch Bundt Cake using 12 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you make that.

Ingredients of Butterscotch Bundt Cake

  1. You need of Eggs.
  2. Prepare of Pecan or walnut (Optional).
  3. It’s of Yellow Cake Mix.
  4. Prepare of Vanilla Pudding.
  5. Prepare of Sour Cream.
  6. You need of Oil.
  7. It’s of Butter Scotch Morsels.
  8. It’s of Icing.
  9. It’s of Cream Cheese.
  10. You need of powdered sugar.
  11. You need of vanilla extract.
  12. You need of Milk (To Thin Icing if needed).

Butterscotch Bundt Cake instructions

  1. Combine all ingredients except for Icing, mix well, bake at 325°F. For 1 hour. ICING-microwave cream cheese to liquid state, add powdered sugar, vanilla extract and then mike to thin if needed. Drizzle over cool cake..

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