Easy The Best Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake

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Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake.

Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake You can have Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake using 20 ingredients and 17 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake

  1. Prepare of cm thick and 15 cm diameter slice Your favorite sponge cake base.
  2. It’s of Syrup.
  3. Prepare of Water.
  4. It’s of Fine granulated sugar.
  5. You need of Coconut liqueur.
  6. It’s of Cheese filling:.
  7. Prepare of grams, peeled Mango.
  8. It’s of Cream cheese.
  9. It’s of Fine granulated sugar.
  10. You need of Milk.
  11. It’s of Coconut milk powder.
  12. Prepare of Heavy cream.
  13. It’s of Coconut liqueur.
  14. Prepare of Water.
  15. Prepare of Gelatin powder.
  16. You need of Jello layer.
  17. You need of Mango.
  18. Prepare of 100% orange juice.
  19. You need of Fine granulated sugar.
  20. It’s of Gelatin powder.

Mango and Coconut No Bake Cheesecake step by step

  1. Line the bottom of the springform pan with the sponge cake. Combine the sugar and water and heat in the microwave to dissolve. Add the liqueur to make a syrup and brush the syrup generously on the sponge cake..
  2. Make the cheese filling. Mix the water and liqueur together, sprinkle with the gelatin powder and leave to soak..
  3. Strain the mango to make a puree, firmly pressing it through the strainer with a spatula..
  4. Put the cream cheese, which has been softened a bit in the microwave, and the sugar in a bowl and cream well with a spatula. When it's well combined, switch to a whisk and mix well..
  5. Heat the mango puree and milk in a small saucepan until nearly boiling. Remove from heat, add the coconut milk powder and mix well until it's dissolved..
  6. Dissolve the gelatin in Step 2 over hot water and stir it in to the mixture in Step 5. When it's well combined, cool the bottom of the pan in ice water while stirring thoroughly, until it no longer feels warm..
  7. Whisk in the cream cheese mixture from Step 4, a little at a time, mixing well..
  8. Next, add the heavy cream and mix well..
  9. Pour the mixture on top of the sponge. Tap the bottom of the pan to remove any air pockets, and smooth out the top. Chill until set for 2-3 hours..
  10. Make the jello. Remove the inside of the mango with a melon baller..
  11. Take 1.5 tablespoons of orange juice from the amount listed. Sprinkle gelatin in it and set aside..
  12. Dissolve the gelatin mixture in Step 11 over hot water. Mix in the rest of the orange juice and let cool..
  13. When the mixture in Step 9 has firmly set, cover the top evenly with the balls of mango..
  14. Pour the jello liquid from Step 12 over the mango to coat. Chill again in the refrigerator until set..
  15. Since I used easy-to-make proportions for the jelly sauce, you'll probably have a bit left over. Remove the cheesecake carefully from the pan when it's set, and it's done..
  16. You can probably use canned mango in syrup instead of fresh. Adjust the amount of sugar in that case..
  17. Since you can't make mango balls with canned mango, drain the mango well and cut it into slices to lay on top..

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