Easy Appetizing Healthy Fusion Milkshake

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Healthy Fusion Milkshake. Snickers Choco Milkshake Oreo Milkshake Banana Strawberry Smoothie To watch more yummy videos Like and Subscribe to my channel Fusion with Namra Wajhi and. Healthy Fusion is home quick and easy healthy recipe videos. We make healthy food so that you can.

Healthy Fusion Milkshake With these healthy milkshake recipes, you won't even notice you're on a diet. Two tasteful ways to make banana and dates milkshake. Involve your kids in cooking and create some cherish-able memories. You can have Healthy Fusion Milkshake using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Healthy Fusion Milkshake

  1. You need of Banana-1.
  2. You need of Dates 5-6 (Deseeded).
  3. You need 3-4 of Walnuts.
  4. It’s 400 ml of Milk.

I've always strongly believed in listening to our body's natural Welcome to Food, Travel & Life with The Asian Fusion Girl. Learn more about the AF Girl and her. And as an added bonus all of these milkshakes are gluten free! Plus, you'll even find some vegan and paleo milkshakes recipes thrown in there as well.

Healthy Fusion Milkshake step by step

  1. Deseed and Soak dates in little milk 15-20 minutes prior of making this shake..
  2. Take a blender. Add peeled and cut Banana, soaked dates, walnuts and milk, blend everything..
  3. No need to add extra sugar as banana and dates are already naturally sweet..
  4. Garnish and enjoy this rich shake full of nutrients..
  5. Garnish like this picture to give extra attraction for kids. They will just love it..

recipe by Shivani Arora Kaura. @cookpad

Healthy smoothie recipes and homemade milkshakes that taste like dessert and yet are healthy enough to drink for You are here: Home / Archives for Healthy Milkshakes and Smoothies. Regular coffee milkshakes are far from healthy. But this coffee milkshake is actually a pretty balanced afternoon snack, with the added bonus of a little caffeine kick. It's also the perfect opportunity to. Having dietary restrictions does not mean eating tasteless food, and doesn't mean 'settling' for whatever is available, whether it's healthy.