How to Prepare Perfect Fried ButterMilk Chicken

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Fried ButterMilk Chicken.

Fried ButterMilk Chicken You can cook Fried ButterMilk Chicken using 1 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Fried ButterMilk Chicken

  1. Prepare 8 of -10 Pieces of Chicken , 1Quart of ButterMilk, Franks Hot Sauce , Flour,Salt ,Pepper ,Vegetable Oil.

Fried ButterMilk Chicken step by step

  1. Rinse Chicken & Season wit Salt & Pepper.
  2. Pour ButterMilk in a large Bowl then add about 5-6 gushes of Franks Hot or more to your tasting & mix well wit a whisk or fork now lay the Chicken in ButterMilk making sure its fully immersed in the ButterMilk.
  3. Put in refrigerator for 2hrs to marinate..You can cover the Chicken wit Plastic Wrap or Alumina foil if u want its optional…I didn't cover mine if you were wondering.
  4. Pour flour on a Large Plate & use tongs to remove Chicken one piece at a time into the flour making sure you cover each piece carefully & try not to knock off the ButterMilk off Chicken you want that to stay on thats gonna make it taste more delicious..
  5. Pour oil in a Skillet or Wok or Deep Fryer & let get hot before placing the Chicken in it .Turn the Chicken when it becomes brown on one side only giving you twice to turn the Chicken ..Neva keep turning the Chicken because u will lose your coating .When done frying place on paper towel to drain the oil off & BAM Theres your Fried ButterMilk Chicken..Now Enjoy folks.
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