Easy Appetizing Cheese fondue

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Cheese fondue. Bread, vegetable, and ham pieces dipped in melted cheese sauce with Jarlsberg, Emmenthaler, and Gruyere cheeses. Fondue is a fun and informal way to gather friends and family together. Shake it off, and follow this cheese fondue recipe to add one more party skill to your already impressive repertoire.

Cheese fondue Gouda cheese, bacon, havarti, small yellow onion, Pale Ale. Throw a party with Tyler Florence's Cheese Fondue recipe from Food Network, a creamy mixture of Swiss and Gruy�re; serve it with chunks of bread and apples. How to Make Easy Cheese Fondue at Home. You can make Cheese fondue using 22 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you make it.

Ingredients of Cheese fondue

  1. Prepare of The fondue.
  2. You need 8 oz of gouda cheese.
  3. It’s 8 oz of fontina cheese.
  4. You need 8 oz of gruyere cheese.
  5. You need 4 TBSP of potato starch.
  6. You need of ☆2 cup dry white wine – such as Sauvignon Blanc.
  7. Prepare of ☆2 clove minced garlic.
  8. You need of ☆2 TBSP fresh lemon juice.
  9. You need of ●2 tsp brandy.
  10. It’s of ●1 tsp dijon mustard.
  11. It’s of ●1/4 tsp nutmeg.
  12. You need of Dipping items.
  13. Prepare 1 of potatoes.
  14. Prepare 1 bunch of Broccoli.
  15. You need 6 of asparagus.
  16. Prepare 6 slice of prosciutto ham.
  17. Prepare 18 slices of salami.
  18. It’s Half of cantaloupe.
  19. It’s 1 can of Black olive.
  20. It’s 1 of baguette.
  21. You need Handful of tomatoes.
  22. Prepare 1 of fuji apple.

This traditional cheese fondue recipe features Emmental and Gruyere cheeses plus brandy or cognac. Cheese Fondue Recipe With Cognac or Brandy. Cheddar Cheese Fondue is so versatile! It is smooth, creamy and has a delicious sharp flavor.

Cheese fondue step by step

  1. Cut potato into bite size and boil until it’s soft. 5 minutes. Boil broccoli and asparagus, 2 minutes. Cut all the other ingredients into bite size..
  2. Grate all of the cheese. In a large bowl, mix potato starch and cheese well..
  3. In the cheese fondue pot, medium heat, pour the ingredients of ☆.
  4. Add the cheese handful at a time and stir constantly until it’s done..
  5. Once all the melted well, add the ingredients of ● and enjoy🥂.

recipe by Naomi’s memo👩🏻‍🍳 @cookpad

This Cheese Fondue is so versatile—it's perfect for dipping vegetables, meat, bread, or crackers. In Switzerland, Fondue is Cheese Fondue. Cheese fondue is a traditional Swiss dish that originated in the Alps, mainly in and around the canton of Valais (French) / Wallis (German). Cheese Fondue – all you need is garlic, wine, cornstarch, and cheese! So versatile and perfect for Confessions of a date night fondue junkie.

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