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Falooda Shrikhand in 3 Flavours.

Falooda Shrikhand in 3 Flavours You can have Falooda Shrikhand in 3 Flavours using 11 ingredients and 12 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Falooda Shrikhand in 3 Flavours

  1. It’s of Fresh full fat Yoghurt.
  2. Prepare of Icing sugar/regular powdered sugar.
  3. You need of Tukmaria(Basil seeds,sabja seeds) soaked Tukmaria.
  4. You need of cut strawberries.
  5. It’s of cut Ripe Mango.
  6. It’s of cut Yellow Dates.
  7. You need of Pink colour essence if required. Mostly I m not using..
  8. It’s of Yellow food colour if required.
  9. You need of Chopped Pistachio.
  10. You need of Tutti-frutti.
  11. You need of Chopped Almonds.

Falooda Shrikhand in 3 Flavours step by step

  1. 1st take the 1 kg of fresh fullfat Yoghurt in large bowl.spread a muslin cloth..
  2. Spread muslin cloth in big size holl type bowl or and put yoghurt in it.Tie the cloth and allow to rest atlest 4hours.actully I rest it 6 hours. Or until the water drops completely. After 6 hours takeout from cloth.
  3. Dates crush in mixture jar.For Yellow Dates don’t require to add sugar.already it’s a natural sweet taste,if you need to add colour then add any colour.
  4. Take strawberries and mixit in mixture's becomes nice pink color.add in muska..
  5. Take ripe mango slice and crush it in becomes lovely yellow colour.
  6. All ready shrikhand put 30 to 60 minutes in freeze..
  7. Now time to garnish the shrikhand. Take Basilseeds Downside of Serving bowl.
  8. In dates flavour shrikhand you can put Dryfruits,Green and yellow tutti-fruity and garnish with yellow dates piece..
  9. In Mango 🥭 Flavour shrikhand,garnish with cut mango piece and Dryfruits and green and red tutti-fruity because of shade..
  10. In strawberry flavour shrikhand.
  11. .
  12. I made it 1st my immigination… Thanks to cookpad for that..always I want to do something new and make it something different,.

recipe by Kinnari Rathod @cookpad

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