Recipe: Appetizing Bread Rolls

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Bread Rolls.

Bread Rolls You can make Bread Rolls using 9 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Bread Rolls

  1. You need of bread slices.
  2. You need of chopped cashew.
  3. You need of pistachios.
  4. It’s of dates.
  5. Prepare of raisins.
  6. You need of akhrot(walnuts).
  7. Prepare of pistachios.
  8. It’s of ghee.
  9. It’s of honey.

Bread Rolls instructions

  1. All dryfruits..
  2. Heat a pan add 1/2tsp ghee,put all chopped dryfruits except dates mix it well & sauted 1mints..
  3. Add chopped dates mix well &cooked some times on low flame..
  4. Cut the side of the brown bread..
  5. Roll the bread..
  6. Stuff the dryfruints stuffing.Makes a maida slurry.fold the bread &paste it with maida slurry..
  7. Greased it with ghee..
  8. Bake it on preheated microwave 5mints..
  9. Greased it with Honey..
  10. Garnish with rose petal &chopped dryfruits serve it..

recipe by Bibhasini Patra @cookpad