Recipe: Appetizing Almond Rainbow Cake

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Almond Rainbow Cake. Ice the cake with frosting and decorate with sprinkles, if desired. Gradually add almond paste; mix well. Gradually add margarine, almond flour, cake meal, salt and vanilla.

Almond Rainbow Cake Connoisseurs are raving about our Classic Italian Rainbow Cakebites: three colorful thin slices of velvety almond cake separated by raspberry jelly and finished in a silky dark chocolate coating! This rich, colorful, chocolate-drenched cake is a must-have on any holiday table. After greasing, line the bottoms of the pans with wax paper, smoothing the paper down onto the pan. You can make Almond Rainbow Cake using 14 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Almond Rainbow Cake

  1. You need of self raising flour.
  2. Prepare of egg.
  3. You need of vanilla extract.
  4. Prepare of soft butter.
  5. You need of baking powder.
  6. Prepare of icing sugar.
  7. Prepare of almond nibs.
  8. Prepare of COLOURING OPTION.
  9. Prepare of cocoa powder for dark brown colour.
  10. Prepare of milk for light yellow colour.
  11. You need of drop of red food colouring.
  12. Prepare of scew pine leaf extra or 1 drop of green food colouring.
  13. You need of OPTIONAL.
  14. It’s of ramekin or baking tray.

Grease the tops of the wax paper and then flour the pans. This rainbow cookie cake consists of three spongy, almond-flavored layers with chocolate raspberry frosting in between, and is topped with fluffy chocolate frosting. Each slice of this cake is like digging into one huge rainbow cookie – except with more chocolate! Pour into greased and floured cake pan.

Almond Rainbow Cake step by step

  1. mix flour with baking powder with almond nibs then add eggs and butter with icing sugar whisk for 3 minute.
  2. divide into 4 portion and add 1 tbsp cocoa powder for brown colour.
  3. green colouring /red colour and milk colour.
  4. pour brown layer of batter then milk batter …green colour batter and red batter last.
  5. bake at 160 C for 35 minute then slice up and serve.

Instructions for Frosting: Beat whites to stiff peaks stage, and add the sugar very gradually, without stopping beating. Add the almond extract and then the ground or chopped almonds. Cake Assembly: Place a spoonful of frosting on a cake board and smear in the center. This helps to ensure cake won't slip and move around as you frost it. Place first cooled cake layer down and add about one cup of frosting to top layer.