DIY Recipe: Delicious Fondant

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Fondant. Fondant is a rolled sugar paste used to decorate cakes, and is the secret of many cake decorating professionals. This version comes together easily in your mixer and uses gelatin as a binder. For longer storage, roll fondant into a ball, then coat with a little vegetable shortening.

Fondant We will not touch too much on poured fondant, as it is less common, but it is used for fillings or covering cakes. This basic fondant recipe is a very traditional, classic fondant recipe. It's kitchen alchemy of the best sort—you start with sugar, water, and corn syrup, and end up with a white, pliable, sugar paste. You can cook Fondant using 4 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Fondant

  1. Prepare 300 grams of Mini marshmallows.
  2. You need 2 tbsp of Water.
  3. Prepare 1000 grams of ( or more than 1000 ) Icing Sugar.
  4. Prepare 10 ml of Food coloring of your choice.

Fondant icing, also commonly referred to simply as fondant (/ ˈ f ɒ n d ə n t /, from the French: listen (help · info)), is an icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol. Fondant almost sounds too fancy to be fun, but with help from our experts here at Wilton, you'll be able to craft homemade fondant in no-time flat. Whether you're trying to cover a cake, make some flowers, craft a bee, make a bow, create a bouquet of roses, or just need to know how to work with, color or use fondant, we've got you covered.

Fondant step by step

  1. Mix marshmallow with water..
  2. Melt until completely dissolved..
  3. Add food coloring..
  4. Fold in icing sugar..
  5. Sprinkle icing on your work surface..
  6. Knead the fondant and add more icing sugar until 1000 grams..
  7. Roll out fondant and use the cookie/fondant cutter to cut into shapes..
  8. If you wanna store it , Wrap with plastic wrap 3 times and store for 2 weeks in the fridge..

Press all the pieces of pliable fondant together and knead in any flavoring or coloring. Fondant is an icing-like substance used to decorate or sculpt pastries. There are several types (a couple of times I made fondant by melting marshmallows) but the one I will show you here turned out to be the best for sculpting and covering cakes. Fondant may refer to: Chocolate fondant, a type of pudding; Fondant icing, a type of icing commonly used on decorative cakes; Fondant potatoes, also known as pommes fondant, a method of preparing potatoes; This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Fondant. A Fondant Recipe That Tastes Delicious, Is Super Easy To Work With, Never Tears Or Gets Elephant Skin.