DIY Recipe: Appetizing Green Apple cake

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Green Apple cake.

Green Apple cake You can make Green Apple cake using 4 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Green Apple cake

  1. Prepare of Cake(baked any flavour).
  2. It’s of Buttercream.
  3. Prepare of Fondant.
  4. You need of Gold dust.

Green Apple cake step by step

  1. After baking my cake I started carving by joining the two cakes together.
  2. While carving I make sure I carve I try my best to create the Apple shape,after carving I appreciate butter cream in between the cakes and crumb coat d apple shape cake.
  3. I have my green fondant(to make a fondant u need 2tbsp gletine,2tbsp glucose,2tbsp glacerine,icing sugar 1kg, boom d gletine by adding quarter cup of water to d gletine allow to stay for 2_3munites, double bowl add all d remaining ingredients except for icing sugar when completely dissolved take off d double boil add in to 500grms of icing sugar add flavor,mix well and transfer on to a flat surface continue kneeding while u r adding d remaining.
  4. Remaining 500grms icing sugar untill u have a nice fondant to d consistency u want.)Dis quantity of fondant will cover an 8inch to 10inch cake.
  5. Roll d green fondant,apply on to the crumb coat apple shape cake,use ur hand to make sure the fondant covered all d apple cake and all d shapes is out perfectly,then cut d edge turn d cake upside down and mold d down very well.
  6. Use fondant smoother to smoothing d fondant very well,use a tissue with little beat of veg.oil and clean d apple cake.
  7. Add a little water to d gold dust and apply at d top of d apple cake,use dark brown fondant to make a stick like at d center of d apple cake.
  8. Enjoy ur green apple cake..