DIY Cook Delicious Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake

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Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake.

Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake You can cook Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake using 13 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake

  1. It’s of ripe leftover bananas peeled and chopped.
  2. Prepare of sugar.
  3. It’s of olive oil.
  4. It’s of vanilla essence.
  5. It’s of vinegar.
  6. Prepare of cocoa powder (without milk powder).
  7. Prepare of whole wheat flour (can use maida if you want).
  8. It’s of baking powder.
  9. Prepare of baking soda.
  10. It’s of dry fruits powder.
  11. You need of salt.
  12. It’s of chopped walnuts.
  13. You need of water.

Whole wheat choco banana walnut cake instructions

  1. In a mixture jar take the chopped bananas and sugar..
  2. Blend to smooth puree without adding any water..
  3. Transfer the banana puree into a large bowl. Add oil, vanilla extract and vinegar. Whisk well until everything is well combined..
  4. Sieve all the dry ingredients to the above whisked wet ingredients..
  5. Mix everything well by adding water gradually..
  6. Now add the dry fruits powder and chopped walnuts to the cake batter. Mix everything well..
  7. In a greased cake tin add the above cake batter and tap well. On the top place walnut pieces..
  8. Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 40 minutes. Check after 40 minutes if the toothpick inserted comes out clear your cake is done, if not then bake for another 5 minutes..
  9. Cool the cake and slice it. Serve hot or cold. Both tastes nice..

recipe by Krupa Kapadia Shah @cookpad