Easy and Quick to Prepare Delicious Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta

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Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta. Drain well and leave to cool slightly. Cut the salmon into wide strips. Serve this smoked salmon frittata for a simple supper.

Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta Garnish with fresh herbs or avocado slices for a beautiful presentation. This healthy, smoked salmon frittata is the perfect breakfast (or Sunday brunch recipe). Filled with salmon, goat cheese, scallions, shallots and herbs, it's naturally gluten-free, paleo-friendly and is sure to impress. You can make Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta

  1. It’s 5 of eggs.
  2. It’s 150 g of smoked salmon.
  3. You need 80 g of feta cheese.
  4. It’s Cup of frozen peas.
  5. It’s of Small chopped onion.
  6. It’s of Olive oil.

When it comes to meals, is there anything better than a Sunday brunch? Asparagus, pea & feta frittata with roast tomatoes. Ideal for the start of a party, these bit sized frittata parcels have a crumbling cracker base with a cheesy salmon filling. Smoked Salmon Avocado Feta SaladSaladMenu. fresh dill, English cucumber, smoked salmon, feta cheese.

Smoked salmon, pea and feta fritatta instructions

  1. Fry onion gently in olive oil. Add peas when softened.
  2. Beat eggs in a jug. Add to pan. Mix a little with a fork. Chop salmon and throw it in, mix a little again. Then crumble in the feta. Cook for about 5-6 minutes.
  3. Turn on the grill and finish it off under. It will rise and be light and fluffy. Leave to rest a bit on a wire rack. Enjoy 😁.

Top chef Mark Sargeant shows how to whip up a delicious frittata in minutes using British Lion eggs. This quick and easy recipe is a great source of protein. This simple and delicious smoked salmon frittata recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Smoked salmon + dill and spinach + cream cheese has always been one of our go-to flavor combos, but pairing it with eggs to make this cutie pie individual breakfast frittata goodness is just a dream come true. They're easy to make, protein-packed and a delicious way to start your day.