Recipe: Perfect Chiffon Cake Decoration

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Chiffon Cake Decoration.

Chiffon Cake Decoration You can cook Chiffon Cake Decoration using 11 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Chiffon Cake Decoration

  1. It’s of Chiffon cake.
  2. Prepare of Heavy cream (dairy).
  3. Prepare of Heavy cream (non-dairy).
  4. Prepare of and 1-3 teaspoons Sugar (Extra fine granulated sugar).
  5. Prepare of Kirsch.
  6. It’s of pack Strawberries.
  7. Prepare of few Pistachios.
  8. It’s of Syrup:.
  9. It’s of Water.
  10. It’s of Sugar (Extra fine granulated sugar).
  11. Prepare of Kirsch.

Chiffon Cake Decoration instructions

  1. Cut the chiffon cake into three 2 cm-thick layers. Mix the two kinds of heavy cream, kirsch and sugar, and whisk until soft peaks form..
  2. Decorate with the syrup on the inside, strawberries and cream sandwiched between the layers, and strawberries and pistachios on top..
  3. A slice looks like this..
  4. I made a birthday cake for my mother with canned peaches and blueberries..
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