DIY Make Delicious Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles

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Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles. Chocolate raspberry truffles are wonderfully rich truffles with the flavors of deep chocolate and luscious raspberries. The ganache filling of these truffles stays fairly soft, so they seem to melt in your mouth with each bite. This recipe calls for candy coating, which stays hard at room temperature.

Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles Presented in a contemporary and elegant gift box with gold embossed logo. Perfect gift for a gin enthusiast. London Chocolate Luxury Chocolate Chocolate Company Artisan Chocolate White Chocolate Ganache Chocolate Truffles Raspberry Gin Gin Gifts Whole Milk Powder. You can cook Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles

  1. It’s 100 g of 85% dark chocolate.
  2. Prepare 200 mls of full fat cream or coconut cream.
  3. It’s 1 tbsp of raspberry gin liquor.
  4. You need of Toppings.
  5. You need of Cocoa and dessicated coconut.

Artisan truffles with London Gin and Raspberry, surrounded in a fine dark chocolate shell. Inspired by Sloe Gin, these truffles make a lovely gift for a gin enthusiast. Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles. in Candy· Chocolate· Clean Eating· Desserts· Gluten Free· Low Fat· Vegan· Vegetarian. Moreover, these Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles fit into virtually every diet: clean-eating, paleo, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, chocoholic… Our gin chocolate truffles are enriched with a lively, floral gin, with plenty of juniper, sealed in dark chocolate.

Raspberry Gin Chocolate Truffles step by step

  1. Chop the chocolate into nice small chunks and put in a heat proof bowl..
  2. Heat the cream on the hob and when it is simmering hot, not boiling, pour the cream into your bowl with the chocolate. Use a spatula to stir and keep stirring as the chocolate melts and creates a glossy ganache..
  3. Pour into a Tupperware container and chill in the fridge overnight..
  4. The next day, use a teaspoon to scoop the ganache into the palm of your hand. Roll in your topping and put each truffle in a little foil case. Repeat until all the mix is used..
  5. Store in the fridge..

White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle®Creamy Cheesecake Swirled with White Chocolate and Raspberry. Skinny Long Island Iced TeaA Potent Combination – Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Lemon, Lime and a Splash of Coke Zero. Pink raspberry and gin flavoured truffles. Deliciously decadent truffles swirled with a hint of your favourite fizz; sophisticated, gin-infused chocolate bars; the bittersweet crunch of coffee beans and soft caramel. Add all the ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice.