Easy Tasty Ghee-Dates Energy Bites

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Ghee-Dates Energy Bites.

Ghee-Dates Energy Bites You can cook Ghee-Dates Energy Bites using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you make it.

Ingredients of Ghee-Dates Energy Bites

  1. Prepare To of prepare ghee..
  2. Prepare 1 cup of malai/ fresh cream from top of boiled & chilled milk.
  3. You need 2 glasses of water.
  4. You need For of date bites:.
  5. Prepare 4 tsp of homemade ghee.
  6. Prepare 8 of dates / khajur.

Ghee-Dates Energy Bites instructions

  1. Pour malai in long and deep container. Blend with Boss Hand electric blender for few minutes..
  2. Add two glasses of water in it. Again with hand blender blend for few minutes till butter is formed..
  3. Separate butter from buttermilk (formed while making butter). Put butter in another thick bottom vessel..
  4. To prepare homemade ghee..heat this prepared homemade butter on slow flame. Simmer until liquid yellowish ghee is formed. Cool and strain to separate ghee and whey/ residue like paneer. Store this prepared homemade ghee in airtight container. Use as required..
  5. To prepare Ghee-Dates Bites, slit dates and remove seeds from them..
  6. Fill each date/ khajur with 1/2 tsp ghee. Chill in the fridge. Use as required. At the time of serving you can warm few ghee filled dates pieces and serve if you don't like to eat ghee(raw taste) filled dates..

recipe by Jasmin Motta _ #BeingMotta @cookpad