The Easy Way to Cook Yummy Mini Hamburgers

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Mini Hamburgers.

Mini Hamburgers You can have Mini Hamburgers using 4 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Mini Hamburgers

  1. You need 3 lbs of hamburger meat.
  2. You need of Hawaiian rolls.
  3. It’s of Pickles.
  4. It’s of Ketchup and mustard.

Mini Hamburgers instructions

  1. Roll out hamburger meat to thickness of choice. Can use a zip lock bag or wax paper to keep from sticking to Rolling pen..
  2. Cook on 350 until meat reaches 165 (mine took 15 mins) add a small amount of water to cookie sheet with hamburger meat..
  3. When meat is done remove from pan let rest for 3-5 mins, cut with pizza cutter to the size you want (or chips the size of the bread rolls i used Hawaiian rolls).
  4. Top meat with pickles, ketchup and mustard, serve with fries or chips..
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recipe by đź’śNinjaMommaKitchenđź’™ @cookpad

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