Recipe: Appetizing Bhale puri

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Bhale puri.

Bhale puri You can make Bhale puri using 31 ingredients and 23 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Bhale puri

  1. You need of puffed rice.
  2. It’s of chopped potatoes.
  3. You need of yellow food colour(optional) for boiling potatoes.
  4. You need of sew or nimco.
  5. Prepare of chat masala.
  6. It’s of chopped fresh coriander.
  7. It’s of papri.
  8. Prepare of chopped onions.
  9. It’s of chopped tomatoes.
  10. It’s of Green chutney.
  11. You need of fresh coriander.
  12. It’s of _4 green chillies.
  13. It’s of garlic clives.
  14. You need of cumin seeds.
  15. You need of Salt.
  16. Prepare of Imli ki khatti chutney.
  17. You need of tamarind pulp.
  18. You need of red chilli flakes.
  19. Prepare of cumin seeds.
  20. It’s of Salt.
  21. You need of Khatti meethi chutney.
  22. Prepare of tamarind pulp.
  23. Prepare of dates pulp.
  24. You need of red chilli flakes.
  25. You need of roasted cumin.
  26. You need of black salt.
  27. It’s of Yogurt sauce.
  28. It’s of yogurt.
  29. You need of red chilli flakes.
  30. You need of sugar.
  31. You need of salt.

Bhale puri instructions

  1. Wash and peel potatoes..
  2. Chopped them into small chunks and boil in water with salt and Yellow food colour(optional)..
  3. Drain all the water from potato chunks when they tender and keep a side.
  4. Green chutney: take a blender and add coriander, green chillies, salt, cumin seeds and garlic and add water which is required to make thick chutney. Blend well and take out in a bowl. Keep a side.
  5. Imli ki khatti chutney: take a bowl and add tamarind pulp, salt and chilli. Mix well, add water if needed. Keep a side.
  6. Khatti meethi chutney: take a sauce pan, add tamarind pulp, dates pulp or 5_6 deseeded dates, red chilli, roasted cumin and salt. Add water and cook well. Blend if needed and take out in a bowl. keep a side.
  7. Yogurt sauce: take a bowl add yogurt, salt, sugar, chilli flakes and mix. Add water if needed. Keep a side.
  8. Chopped onions, deseed tomatoes and finely chopped them, chopped fresh coriander as well and keep a side.
  9. Now take a wok and add puffed rice into it and dry roast them for 2_3 minutes..
  10. Take out puffed rice in dish and let them cool..
  11. Assembling___.
  12. Mix half of sew into puffed rice in a large dish.
  13. Add potatoes at the edges of platter.
  14. Sprnkle chopped onions and tomatoes over the top..
  15. Sprinkle crushed papri.
  16. Sprinkle chaat masala.
  17. Pour green chutney over puffed rice according to your taste.
  18. Pour khatti chutney according to your taste.
  19. Pour khatti meethi chutney according to your taste.
  20. Pour yogurt sauce according to your taste.
  21. Sprinkle fresh coriander on top.
  22. Sprinkle half of the sew on top.
  23. Serve immediately after assembling. Enjoy with your family.

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