Easy Tasty Sweet & Savory Maple Glazed Ham Steaks

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Sweet & Savory Maple Glazed Ham Steaks You can cook Sweet & Savory Maple Glazed Ham Steaks using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sweet & Savory Maple Glazed Ham Steaks

  1. Prepare of ham steaks (maple or brown sugar flavor are extra yummy).
  2. Prepare of packed brown sugar.
  3. Prepare of pure maple syrup (NOT pancake syrup!) grade B if available.
  4. It’s of yellow mustard.
  5. Prepare of spicy brown mustard.
  6. It’s of white vinegar.
  7. You need of apple juice.
  8. It’s of each cinnamon and ginger, optional.
  9. You need of butter, for skillet.

Sweet & Savory Maple Glazed Ham Steaks instructions

  1. In a medium bowl, add all ingredients except ham and butter. Whisk well to combine. Pour into saucepan and warm over medium heat, stirring constantly until it thickens to a syrupy texture; about 10 minutes. Turn off heat and let sit..
  2. Score edges of ham steaks about every 2 inches to prevent curling. Warm butter in skillet over medium heat, add ham steaks and fry about 2 1/2-3 minutes. You may need to cook steaks individually if they don't fit..
  3. Flip over and spoon maple glaze onto steaks evenly. Fry for another 3 minutes or so, to desired doneness. Serve with mashed potatoes (see my recipe) and remaining maple glaze, if desired..
  4. Note* the maple glaze keeps nicely in the fridge for a long time. If it hardens or gets grainy just microwave it for 20 seconds at a time until it reaches the proper consistency, but WATCH CLOSELY!!! I have had it boil over and it makes a HUGE mess! Enjoy!.

recipe by Nikki Zazz @cookpad

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