The Easy Way to Make Yummy Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea

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Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea.

Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea You can have Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea using 7 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea

  1. You need 1 of x 10 inch single layer cake.
  2. Prepare 2 of x 8 inch single layer cake.
  3. You need 800 g of buttercream icing, green.
  4. It’s 300 g of thick spreadable ganache or chocolate buttercream.
  5. You need of Fondant flowers and leaves – to make your own allow for 50g…
  6. It’s of … in rainbow colours, 100g light green, dark green and brown.
  7. Prepare of You could make fondant figures but I used Schleich toys.

Vickys Jungle Cake Decoration Idea step by step

  1. I baked one 10 inch round….
  2. …and 2 x 8 inch rounds.
  3. Levelled them all off, saving the offcuts to make cake pops another day.
  4. I iced the 10 inch with chocolate ganache, stacked one of the 8 inches on top and iced with green coloured buttercream, then cut a 3rd off the last 8 inch round before stacking the largest piece next then the single 3rd on top, sandwiched with more buttercream as shown.
  5. This is the front view. I wanted it to look like jungle layers of grass and mud. I crumb coated to begin with then once that thin layer had set I went back and properly buttercreamed and ganached the front of the 2nd layer.
  6. I rolled thin snakes of light brown fondant icing to make jungle vines and used a small flower and leaf shaped cutters on pre-coloured fondant for the forest floor decor. I also used letter stamps to make the names and age. I did this around 3 days before to give everything time to harden and dry then stuck them easily onto the fresh buttercream.
  7. I bought plastic palm trees and jungle animals from ebay. These are made by Schleich and were the perfect size for the cake. I also got a pack of mini Schleich treefrogs and butterflies.
  8. Left, back and right.
  9. On the party table in daylight complete with candles.
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