Step by Step to Cook Delicious Ham and veg fried rice

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Ham and veg fried rice.

Ham and veg fried rice You can cook Ham and veg fried rice using 16 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ham and veg fried rice

  1. It’s of sauce:.
  2. Prepare of sesame oil.
  3. It’s of soy sauce.
  4. It’s of brown sugar.
  5. Prepare of vinegar.
  6. It’s of crushed red pepper.
  7. It’s of Pepper, onion and garlic powders.
  8. It’s of Stir fry add Ins:.
  9. Prepare of Olive oil.
  10. Prepare of chopped leftover ham, I had a spiral ham, diced small.
  11. You need of carrot chopped small.
  12. You need of small can mushrooms, drained and dried with a paper towel. Chop them small. I prefer fresh but I had this already.
  13. You need of green onions, chopped and separated into the whites and the tops.
  14. Prepare of zucchini that were a little past their prime, quartered then thinly sliced.
  15. It’s of eggs.
  16. It’s of Cooked rice.

Ham and veg fried rice instructions

  1. Get your rice Cooked and ready to go..
  2. Prep everything and have it ready to go. First make the sauce. Put it all in a bowl and whisk..
  3. Next, start dicing your veg and ham. I put them in the order I did it..
  4. Crank the heat almost to high on a dry iron skillet. When you’re ready to start you can’t stop. In the screaming hot skillet add the Oil and the ham then go down the line and add and toss the veg. Let it start getting color. Clear a spot in the center of the skillet,add oil. Crack in the eggs and scramble. When eggs are mostly done toss everything together. Add the rice and combine. You’ll be scraping and flipping the whole time nearly..
  5. Finally, add the sauce. This sauce will caramelize in the hot skillet so keep it moving. After I got it combined well I pressed it down in the skillet for a few seconds with the spatula to get a little crust on bottom. I’d scrape and flip again and let it brown. Did this several times then killed the heat. Hindsight is 20/20…wish i would’ve had some egg rolls lol.

recipe by SherryRandall: The Leftover Chronicles @cookpad

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