Recipe: Perfect Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham

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Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham. Crock-Pot Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham for the Holidays. How to make crock pot ham Place ham in slow cooker. ■ PINEAPPLE: Buy canned pineapple chunks. This adds a nice warm and sweet flavor while it.

Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham The moist CrockPot Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham recipe that went viral all over the internet!! My all time most favorite time of the year!. I'm not sure what type of magic happens to the ham in this crock pot, but its seriously incredible! You can make Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham using 5 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you make it.

Ingredients of Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham

  1. You need of ham/gammon joint (I used boneless)..
  2. It’s of dark brown sugar.
  3. You need of tin pineapple.
  4. It’s of sliced jalapenos.
  5. You need of garlic powder.

This Crock-Pot Baked Pineapple Ham recipe will melt in your mouth it is sweet and tangy! Serve this beautiful ham for the holidays. Spice Mix Spices Spicy Spicy Brown Mustard Spicy Food Spicy Italian Beef Spicy Italian Sausage Spinach. The ham is coated in brown sugar, then doused in maple syrup and pineapple juice to form a sweet glaze that simmers away along with the ham.

Sophie's spicy pineapple crock pot ham instructions

  1. Crumble sugar into the bottom of your slow cooker. Mix in jalapenos, garlic powder, and the juice from your pineapple tin..
  2. Chop half the pineapple into chunks, and put in the slow cooker..
  3. Mix thoroughly, then add your meat. If you can, put it fat side down..
  4. Rub the exposed meat with more sugar, put the lid on and bake for the first hour on high..
  5. After an hour, turn the temperature down to low and continue to cook for another 3 hours. This is based on a 1.5lb piece of meat – you will need to adjust your cooking time accordingly..
  6. Half way through the cooking time you may wish to turn your meat over. Baste it with the juices, then sprinkle more sugar on top..
  7. At the end of the cooking time, remove from the slow cooker and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes..
  8. While the ham is resting, put about 50ml of the cooking liquid into a saucepan. Heat gently, and add 1tbsp of corn flour. Store until it starts to thicken, and then add the rest of the juices and 100ml vegetable stock. Simmer for a few minutes and remove from the heat..
  9. Slice up your ham, serve with the sauce and whatever accompaniments you wish..

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Seriously, this simple crock pot brown sugar pineapple ham is a true no-brainer recipe and even my picky kiddos really love having it on their plates. I always make this crock pot brown sugar pineapple ham when our extended family visit from out of town because it's delicious and zero-fuss. Crock Pot Ham Stew (Low Carb)Recipes That Crock. more. by imthemuffin. Crock Pot Brown Sugar Pineapple Ham. Add the pineapple with the juice around the sides and over the top.

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