Easy and Quick to Cook Perfect Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF

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Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF. The sides crack, forming the outside of the nest, and into the cake's sunken cavity you spread a soft, voluptuous mixture of whipped cream and melted chocolate. Melt the chocolate in a small bowl placed over a pan of barely simmering water. Pour the chocolate over the shredded wheat and stir well to combine.

Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF This simple and chocolate covered Easter nest cake is perfect for Easter. With plenty of Mini Eggs for decoration, the kids are just going to Decorated with Mini Eggs you could also add Creme Eggs or other Easter themed goodies such as edible chicks or bunnies. This Easter Nest Cake is such a cute and easy Easter dessert! You can make Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF using 6 ingredients and 20 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF

  1. Prepare of Vickys Best Ever Chocolate Cake pre-baked, recipe in my profile.
  2. Prepare of chocolate buttercream.
  3. Prepare of foils for sweets, Easter themed or coloured (pastel pink, purple, yellow, green).
  4. It’s of Enjoy Life / Moo Free 'milk' chocolate chips.
  5. It’s of cereal such as cornflakes, All-Bran – I use Nutribix which is the gluten-free version of Weetabix made from sorghum.
  6. It’s of Chenille Chicks or other Easter themed cake decorations to decorate.

It's baked right in a bowl-no special pan required-and the decorating Fill the nest cake with chocolate eggs, jelly beans, marshmallow chicks, edible grass, or any other combination of Easter candy you. Want more spring and Easter ideas? Orange Blueberry Fruffins Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the bag. Keeping the truffles in the Easter Oreo Bark.

Vickys Easter Nest Cake with Mini Egg Truffles, GF DF EF SF NF instructions

  1. Level off each of the cooled cakes, putting the offcuts into a bowl.
  2. Place some squares of parchment paper on a cake board and put one of the cakes on top.
  3. Cut a 3 – 4 inch diameter circle out of the middle of the other. It's easiest to find the centre point then mark the area with a tablespoon to get the curve shape.
  4. Like this.
  5. Crumb the cut out piece into the bowl with the other offcuts and add mix in some buttercream, 1 tablespoon at a time to make cakepop mix until the crumb is easily moulded into balls.
  6. Roll all of your truffle mix into balls then make the balls more egg shaped and set aside in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  7. Spread a layer of buttercream on the bottom cake and sandwich the cut out cake on top.
  8. Cover the whole cake in a thin layer of buttercream and let sit in the fridge to set for an hour.
  9. Melt 150g of the chocolate chips in the microwave or over a bain marie.
  10. Take the cakepop eggs out of the freezer and coat in the melted chocolate.
  11. Place on parchment paper to set for 20 minutes or until the chocolate is hard.
  12. Wrap the set truffles in the foils.
  13. Try one, they're gorgeous lol.
  14. Give the cake another skim all over with fresh buttercream.
  15. Melt the remaining chocolate chips as before.
  16. Toss the cereal in the cooling melted chocolate. I broke my Nutribix biscuits up first. If using cornflakes etc, leave them whole.
  17. Press all over the cake, inside the cut out area too. This is very messy!.
  18. Let the cake set at room temperature then remove the pieces of parchment paper.
  19. Fill the hole with the truffle eggs and decorate with Easter cake decorations if you like.
  20. Yum!!.

A decadent and fun Easter Egg Nest Cake decorated with sugar-coated chocolate Easter eggs. This is a chocolate cake which I love to make when we have guests over, and this Easter cake is an extra chocolatey version which will make both adults and children swoon. Easy recipe to make with children of all ages especially at Easter time. How to Make Chocolate Nest Easter Cakes The Easter Nest Cakes recipe out of our category muffin!