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Rich chocolate cake.

Rich chocolate cake You can have Rich chocolate cake using 22 ingredients and 16 steps. Here is how you make that.

Ingredients of Rich chocolate cake

  1. You need of For the eggless Sponge.
  2. Prepare of Dry ingredients.
  3. It’s of Plain flour/ maida.
  4. You need of Good quality coco powder (I use Hershey’s).
  5. It’s of Baking powder.
  6. Prepare of Soda-bi-carb.
  7. You need of Vanilla essence.
  8. Prepare of Other ingredients.
  9. It’s of or 1/2 tin Condensed milk.
  10. It’s of Oil.
  11. It’s of Powdered Sugar.
  12. You need of Milk (you may use ½ cup of coke in place of milk).
  13. It’s of Milk makes the cake richer and addition of coke makes it lighter. In-case you don’t want to add either just use water.
  14. It’s of For the chocolate ganache.
  15. Prepare of fresh cream (I am using amul).
  16. It’s of dark chocolate.
  17. It’s of glycerin.
  18. You need of For the Chocolate whipped cream.
  19. You need of non dairy whip topping (richs, tropolite etc) thaw in fridge overnight.
  20. You need of chocolate ganache.
  21. You need of grated chocolate for decoration.
  22. You need of coke (soaking syrup) keep out for 1 hour to remove fizz.

Rich chocolate cake step by step

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  2. For the sponge cake: Line a 7 inch round cake tin with the paper liner and grease the sides. Keep aside. Preheat the oven to 150 degree Celsius..
  3. In a bowl sift the dry ingredients together. In another bowl, beat the condensed milk using an electric mixer, for 5 minutes till it is light in colour and a slightly fluffy..
  4. Now add 3 tbsp, of sugar one at time and keep beating..
  5. Next add the oil and beat till it mix well with the ingredients. Next goes in half of the flour mix along with ¼ cup of milk. Mix it well using the electric mixer..
  6. Repeat with rest of the flour mix and milk. Add the vanilla essence. Mix well with the electric beater..
  7. Transfer the batter to the cake tin, making sure your cake tin is only 2/3rd full. Bake for 40 minutes in an OTG or convection oven. Take out and cool on a wire rack..
  8. For the ganache, Heat the cream in a pan on a very low heat for 6-7 minutes while stirring continuously. Transfer the chopped chocolate to a bowl. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and cover the bowl. After 5 minutes mix it nicely using a whisker or a spatula. If the chocolate does not melt completely add some hot milk or water and mix again. Add the glycerin and mix again. Keep aside. (you can freeze the leftovers in an airtight glass container.).
  9. For the chocolate cream, transfer the whip topping in a mixing bowl and thaw in the fridge for 4-5 hours. Also put the beaters in the fridge to chill. Now beat the whip topping till stiff peaks form using an electric beater. Add the ganache and mix well. Refrigerate till the time of using..
  10. To assemble the chocolate cake, remove the top of the cake carefully if there is a peak and then slice the cake horizontally in 3..
  11. Place one layer on a cake board and soak with some coke. Apply some chocolate ganache. Top it with generous amount of chocolate whipped cream..
  12. Place another layer of sponge on the top, soak with coke and repeat with ganache and whipped cream..
  13. Place the last layer of sponge, soak it with coke and spead only whipped cream generously. Also cover the sides of the cake with whipped cream. Using a spatula knife spread the whipped cream smoothly all over the cake..
  14. Now make the ganache of a pouring consistency by adding some hot water or milk. Pour this ganache all over the cake craefully..
  15. Whatever, ganache is extra or runs over wipe it carefully with a tissue..
  16. Let the cake set in the fridge for 30 minutes. now cover the cake completely with grated chocolate. Let it set again for 1-2 hours and enjoy..

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