Easy Perfect Oats energy bar….

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Oats energy bar…..

Oats energy bar.... You can cook Oats energy bar…. using 1 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you make that.

Ingredients of Oats energy bar….

  1. Prepare of Oats 150gm, honey1tbsp, jaggery 50gm, peanut butter2tbsp, little salt, dry fruits as u wish like almonds,walnuts,kaju,raisins,figs, dates etc.

Oats energy bar…. instructions

  1. Roast dry oats till it truns little brown.
  2. Remove oats and add crushed jaggerry, melt it.
  3. Then add peanut butter 2tbs, and all dry fruits,dates without seeds,and also cut the figs..
  4. Now add little salt and saute.
  5. Then add roasted oats and saute…it will trun little hard…make a nice mix..
  6. In a big plate apply some peanut butter for greasing and pour all batter, spread it, and press it through the steell flat surface of bowl., make a thin layer and cut it in two bars…hot only..and your healthy oats energy bars are ready to eat..

recipe by Supriya @cookpad