Step by Step to Prepare Appetizing Date and Walnut Wheat Cake

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Date and Walnut Wheat Cake. As a result of many experiments done. Date cake / Date and walnut cake Recipe. the recipes for date walnut cake is extremely simple, yet some tips and suggestions while baking it. firstly, in this recipe, i have used wheat flour which brings the healthy alternative to this recipe. but if you need an authentic taste, use plain flour or also known as maida flour. secondly, i have added olive oil. Dates & walnut cake has always been a favorite.

Date and Walnut Wheat Cake Date and walnut loaf is a traditional bread eaten in Britain, made using dates and walnuts. It is often made with treacle or tea to give it a dark brown colour. Traditionally from Scotland, date and walnut loaf is still enjoyed in many tea rooms around the country. You can make Date and Walnut Wheat Cake using 10 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Date and Walnut Wheat Cake

  1. You need of Wheat flour.
  2. You need of chocolate syrup.
  3. It’s of Cocoa powder.
  4. Prepare of Baking powder.
  5. Prepare of Chopped walnuts dusted with wheat flour.
  6. It’s of dates.
  7. You need of oil or ghee.
  8. It’s of Milk.
  9. You need of powdered Sugar.
  10. It’s of walnut kernels for decoration.

We defy you not to sneak a second slice! If you're craving something sweet, then this date cake will definitely hit the spot. This old-fashioned favourite is proof that you don't need to invent new recipes in order to eat healthily. Despite being very low in fat it has a lovely light, moist texture, thanks to the dried dates, and makes a pleasant alternative to a conventional fruited cake.

Date and Walnut Wheat Cake step by step

  1. In a mixing bowl add all the dry ingredients viz. Wheat flour, drinking chocolate, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, baking powder, and mix them well by sieving them together in the bowl..
  2. In one cup milk add the dates to the milk and boil them and let them cool on cooling deseed the dates and churn them in the mixer and make a smooth paste.
  3. Add this paste to the dry ingredients. Now add oil/ butter, add a little milk for mixing and making a smooth batter. To it now add the chopped and dusted walnuts..
  4. Preheat the oven at 180° for 10 minutes. Grease the tin and add the cake mixture into the pan and add top it with walnut kernels. and place it in the oven for about 20 minutes first, insert a toothpick after 20 minutes and if it comes out clear, it means the cake is done. If not then keep it again for 10 minutes check and the cake is done when the tooth pick comes out clean.

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It's delightfully easy to make, and keeps well too. I urge you to bake the cake with your heart and enjoy the creation. After all, love is the most important ingredient that Moms put into their cooking. I'm excited to share with you a divinely delicious whole-wheat cake recipe. It's my signature recipe for birthdays, holidays or dessert with western-twist.