Easy Perfect Fondants vanilla cake

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Fondants vanilla cake.

Fondants vanilla cake You can have Fondants vanilla cake using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Fondants vanilla cake

  1. You need of butter.
  2. Prepare of eggs.
  3. It’s of sugar.
  4. Prepare of flower.
  5. Prepare of baking powder.
  6. It’s of vanilla flavour.
  7. You need of Fondant icing ingredients.
  8. It’s of icing sugar.
  9. Prepare of CMC.
  10. You need of hot water.
  11. You need of gelatin.
  12. Prepare of liquid glucose.
  13. You need of glycerin.
  14. You need of Food colour (blue).

Fondants vanilla cake step by step

  1. Add the butter and sugar mix until soft then add 6eggs to the butter and mix Add flavour and 1cup flower and mix add baking powder and mix after that add the remaining 2 cups of flower and mix until soft.allow to bake.
  2. After baking allow to cool before decorating.then prepare ur fondant.mix icing sugar nd CMC in a bowl.put water in a pot get a durable glass bowl and put 4 tbsp of hot water and add gelatin and keep mixing untill soft then add liquid glucose and stir until mixed well then add tbsp glycerin and mix then pour them in the icing sugar and CMC then mold until mixed then add food colour of ur choice.
  3. Mix butter and sugar untill soft and cover the cake with it before putting the fondant.
  4. After molding the fondant roll it flat and neat to cover the cake nd use cutters for the decoration and sugar balls.