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DIY Recipe: Perfect Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago

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Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago.

Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago You can cook Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago using 4 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you make that.

Ingredients of Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago

  1. You need of groundnut.
  2. It’s of Red chilli.
  3. Prepare of dried ginger.
  4. It’s of salt/Sugar.

Groundnut cake/ Kulikuli/karago instructions

  1. These are my Ingredients..
  2. Pick all the bad groundnut and sand, then put it in a dry frying pan and fry for some minutes till the back start peeling and the groundnut change colour..
  3. Peel the back all.
  4. Grand it without water, only the groundnut..
  5. Then pound the chilli and ginger and put it..
  6. Boil water and put 150ml and a pinch of salt..
  7. Use wooden whisker and turn, it will start extracting oil then you turn it to another container where you can use your hand and turn it well..
  8. Continue turning till the oil is not as thick as at the beginning..
  9. Separate the dough from the oil. Then now you can make any shape you like. Mine i use tray to flat it..
  10. I remove alphabets from it to achieve this.
  11. Put oil in the frying pan and allow it to be hot.
  12. Then put the kulikuli and fry..
  13. After some minutes it will turn to brown then put it in a colander. Eat when it cool..

recipe by Yar Mama @cookpad

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