Recipe: Delicious Indomie "Birthday Cake"

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Indomie "Birthday Cake". I saw a cake made out of instant noodles, so naturally, I thought I should make one of my own. Originally from Indonesia, these cakes are made with popular instant noodle brand Indomie Mi Goreng. Great recipe for Indomie "Birthday Cake".

Indomie "Birthday Cake" I was so excited to film this mukbang!!!! See great recipes for Indomie "Birthday Cake" too! Welcome to the video my little Munchlings! You can have Indomie "Birthday Cake" using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you make it.

Ingredients of Indomie "Birthday Cake"

  1. Prepare 5 packs of Indomie Fried Noodles (Mi Goreng).
  2. You need of Any kind of Indonesian sambal sauce (I used Sambal ABC).
  3. You need of Chicken nuggets.
  4. You need 3 of eggs.
  5. It’s of Parmesan cheese.
  6. It’s of Chilli flakes (optional).

Today we are eating some epic vegan cakes. We have a peanut butter chocolate cake, a cheesecake, and a tiramisu cake. Kue ultah super irit tapi jadi favorite, simple banget!! See great recipes for Indomie "Birthday Cake" too!

Indomie "Birthday Cake" instructions

  1. Cook Indomie according to the instructions..
  2. Drain and mix the cooked noodles with the seasonings. If you like it spicier then add some more sambal sauce and chilli flakes..
  3. Prepare a baking pan (I used a square 18 cm pan), no need to be oiled, then put the noodles into it. Press the noodles with the back of the spoon to make it level. Cover the baking pan..
  4. Meanwhile, make scrambled eggs. Set aside. Also reheat the chicken nuggets..
  5. Flip the noodles in the baking pan into the serving plate. Make sure it's set enough before you flip it..
  6. Put the scrambled eggs on top, also the chicken nuggets and cheese..
  7. There are many variations that you can add on top of this noodles "cake" like rotisserie chicken (shredded), baked sausages and meatballs. You can also put vegetables like pickled carrots and cabbage, tomatoes, also deep fried mushrooms. But please note that this brand is not vegan..

As far as we can tell, this is the first birthday cake anybody has made out of actual Indomie, but we did find loads of really creative Indomie-themed cakes online. William sendiri mengatakan bahwa untuk bisa membuat birthday cake unik tersebut diperlukan paling tidak puluhan bungkus indomie goreng untuk membuat satu kue. So, you know that Indonesians love Indomie with a fanatical, nearly nationalistic passion, and have come up with all sorts of crazy and inventive ways to enjoy the instant noodle brand's products, from Indomie burgers and pizzas to the disturbing genius of the Indomie birthday cake. But Indomie innovation does not take place in just Indonesia. JAKARTA, – Merayakan hari ulang tahun dengan cake manis, itu sudah biasa.