French Christmas Yule Log Cake

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By de nl is a traditional dessert served near christmas especially in belgium france switzerland canada lebanon and several former french colonies as well as the united kingdom and cataloniamade of sponge cake to resemble a miniature actual yule log it is a form of sweet roulade. A yule log or buche de noel is a traditional dessert served at christmas and during the holiday season.

A Chocolate Buchette De Noel The Classic Buche De Noel Is

French yule log and cake recipe.

French christmas yule log cake. The cake is a holiday tradition for the french made during christmas time. One of my favorite cakes to make during the holiday season is this buche de noel. Yule log recipe is a christmas roulade cake common in french speaking countries and its neighbors.

Cut a second piece of non stick baking paper a little larger than the tin and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of the sugar. A yule log or buche de noel french pronunciation. The origin of the christmas yule log cake can be traced back to the middle ages when simple cakes were created to mimic logs that were traditionally burned during the solstice and then later on christmas eve with the advent of christianity.

To prepare the yule log cake a french christmas dessert first heat the oven to 2200c 2000 fan gas 7grease a 225 x 325 cm swiss roll tin and line with non stick baking paper. Of course christmas would still be christmas without its traditional recipes but it is so much more delicious with festive recipes like yule log or buche de noel. In america we know the cake as a yule log cake but the reason i love it so much is that its such an easy way to make an impressive festive cake without any fancy cake decorating skills.

This one is a heavenly flourless chocolate cake rolled with chocolate whipped cream. Fashioned to look like a yule log a buche de noel is most times just a jelly roll dressed up for the holidays. Traditionally buche de noel is decorated with confectioners sugar to resemble snow on a yule log.

Buche de noel is the french name for a christmas cake shaped like a log. Yule log cake recipe. How to make yule log cake a french christmas dessert for the cake yule log cake.

What is a buche de noel. It is prepared with a sponge cake to resemble a miniature actual log ready to be thrown in the. You probably know the french yule log as the classic french dessert served at christmas time and called a buche de noelbelow you will find a super easy buche de noel recipe perfect for kids to try as well as adults.

The yule log is better known as buche de noel in french and both names will tell you that the cake looks like a wooden tree branch. This yule log cake recipe is one of the simplest ways to make a luscious rich buche de noel at christmas time.

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